It's your time to shine!

Mewburn Park offers 4 acres of unique backdrops for your wedding photography.

The gardens are lush; with tranquil walk ways, hidden spots that give the perfect ‘moment’ shot, old oak trees lining the breathtaking driveway, ponds that ooze serenity, and birds swooping in front as you drive in; welcoming you to the sanctuary of Mewburn Park. 

The homestead is wrapped with a huge veranda, taking you back to the glorious 1920’s, while the servant’s quarters at the back take you back even further to the colonial 1840’s. These areas are filled with character, and are a great backup for when the weather turns bad. 

We also have the historic Stables, which are just amazing - full of charm, making it the perfect backdrop. 

Being on a farm, there is also the option of capturing the rustic farm that surrounds us. With vast open plains, old tin sheds & machinery.

Contact us so we can show you around the property and find your hidden corner that works for you.